Welcome to my blog, Cultivating Kids and Chaos! I’m so glad you’ve decided to stop by.

Let me introduce myself, I’m Alex.

I’m a stay at home mom, lupus advocate, and keeper of the cookies.

About Cultivating Kids and Chaos

CKC was created just by chance. I plan everything in my life; chores and cleaning, menus and shopping, budgeting and bill paying. Everything gets planned. So I took the premise of my life and started thinking that this could really help other moms. And my business was created. Cultivating Kids and Chaos was formed to help moms in organizing and running their households more efficiently. It will help moms save their families money and have more free time to spend with that family. And it was made to show other moms that no mom is perfect, nothing goes exactly as planned, and life with kids (especially as many as I have) usually is total chaos.

This is real life with an overworked, underpaid stay at home mother of 5. The good, the bad, the ugly. Nothing is off limits.

Why I’m Here

The busy, overworked, overwhelmed mom never has a moment’s rest. Sharing my knowledge of scheduling, planning, budgeting, and couponing I will help to simplify and organize mother’s lives. The more organized you are, the simpler tasks become. We all need a little simplicity in our lives.

I will share simple, delicious recipes that even the pickiest of eaters will devour. Trust me. Just a year ago I had 2 kids that only ate 8 things total. Now, they’ll at least try anything I make and usually love it. I will dive into DIY projects for the home and fun family crafts. And I will share my secrets to a successful garden.

There will be stories of triumph and big successes, and lots and lots of failures. Anything to do with the kids and home life is here.


CKC is my creative outlet. It’s a place to share how my family works, to give tips and tricks to make your life as a mother easier, and to help moms deal with the same things that my crazy family goes through.