About Me

Welcome to my blog, Cultivating Kids and Chaos, I’m so glad you stopped by!

First, let me introduce myself…

About Me

I’m Alex, a 35-year-old, disabled, SAH (stay at home) Super Mom. I have 5 crazy and wild children ranging from 16 years down to 2; Kelly, Trevor, Shelby, Macey, and Colton.

First and foremost I am a mom, that’s a job in itself and it’s hard. But I am also a wife. I have been with my husband, Donny, since March of 2007 but only ‘legally’ married since December of 2017. We live in a small rural area in Southeast Missouri, the same area where my husband I were both born and raised. My husband works a hard job as a welder and pipe-fitter for a contracting company. Our 3 oldest kids; 16, 15, 10, and 5; go to local schools. And I get to say home taking care of the house and the 2 year old.

I attended a local community college for Early Childhood Education right after graduating high school and at the same time held down 2 full-time jobs. The plan was to become an Early Childhood Education teacher, but life had different plans and I wasn’t able to complete my degree. Off and on until 2013 I attended and eventually had to stop just 1 credit shy of my degree. Life became too demanding and complicated, and raising my kids and taking care of my family was more important to me. I will be returning soon and in just one semester will be able to complete my final credit and attain my CD (Child Development) Certificate.

Meeting my husband was the best thing that ever happened to me, aside from the births of my children. He came into the relationship with a daughter and I had a son. So we started our lives together with 2 kids from the beginning. Within 2 years we added another daughter, 5 years later a second daughter, and 3 years later a son. We’re done having kids now. Our hearts, and home, are overflowing.

I’ve always loved writing and finally decided to take the leap and dive into the world of blogging. So I created Cultivating Kids and Chaos. No going back now!

Here it’s all real life. Scheduling, planning, budgeting, couponing, shopping, cooking, crafting, DIY, gardening, cleaning, laundry, dishes, school, homework, band (so much band), potty training, dirty diapers (too many to count). The good. The bad. The ugly. Nothing is off-limits.

I am very passionate about anything to do with my children, they are my life. A lot of my writing will involve them in some aspect. There will also be a lot about things we love as a family; movies, reading, drawing, playing games, and outdoor things when we can like going to the park, visiting zoos, and going on hikes together.

Politics and current events are not things I like to get into generally. I honestly don’t even like watching the news because it seems like every story is something bad. But with everything going on in the world lately, I’m sure at some point I will be voicing my own thoughts and opinions on certain things.

Many things have been said about me, but the most truthful are that I am strong-willed, hard-headed, a fighter, and independent. Diagnosed with lupus at just 15 years old has made me become all of these things. I am a lupus advocate and am active in spreading awareness about the disease and helping to raise funding for research.

No mom is perfect, nothing in life goes as planned, and when you have kids (especially as many as I have) life is usually total chaos. I don’t have all the answers, but I’d like to think I at least have a few. I’m just wading through the peanut butter I call life trying to make the best of it all and create the best life possible for my family.

Here everything is real with an overworked, underpaid stay at home mom. The good, the bad, the ugly. It’s all here. Nothing is off limits.

This is my creative outlet; the place to share how my family works, to give tips and tricks to make life easier for other moms, and to help deal with the same things my crazy goes through.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you follow, like, subscribe, and come back soon and often! There’s always going to be something new going on, especially with this wild and busy family.

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Join me for this crazy ride I call life!