Failure is NOT an Option

“You can try and fail or not try at all which is also failing.”

No truer words have ever been spoken.

So I have this friend, actually just someone I know via the internet (which is totally probably the best invention ever). I’ve known this woman for a long time. I honestly can’t remember how long but I’m going to say somewhere in the neighborhood of around 6ish years. I don’t remember how I met her but one thing I do know is that I am so glad I did.

She is the kind of person that tells you exactly how it is. Brutal honesty even if it breaks your heart. She’s not going to sugarcoat anything, but she’ll support you to the end (as long as you don’t make excuses), and she gives her all to help anyone. Because of this we’ve been up and down. I’ve absolutely hated her at times for things that she has said to me and I’m sure she has hated me and thought that I’m a total idiot. Which is all perfectly fine. It’s fine because we always come back to talking, trying to help each other, complimenting each other. Because of her I have come to understand that failure is not an option.

Well today we were talking back and forth, and she said those words to me up there…

“You can try and fail or not try at all which is also failing.”

Why had I never looked at things that way before?

I have always been afraid of failure, always. Failure to me is one of the worst things in life. Why? I couldn’t tell you. In school I had to have straight As or I felt like a failure. In relationships I had to make it work or I felt like a failure (even if the relationship wasn’t worth it). I have to make the best food, give my kids the best things, write the best…otherwise I feel like I have failed.

I think it’s normal to fear failure. I’m sure everyone at some point has thought of failing something. Because of our fear of failing we avoid things. We avoid trying new things or doing things that we want to do. But why? Like my friend said you can fail trying or fail not trying. Wouldn’t it be better to do those things we want to do instead of never knowing what the end result may be?

Thanks to this friend, I’m jumping. I’m going to do something that I want to do, something that makes me feel good, and something that hopefully one day can help my family. No more waiting, no excuses, no thoughts of failure.


There is no failure in this because I will be doing something that I love, and that in itself is success.


A big thank you to someone I truly admire, Sadie. Thank you for pushing me, thank you for inspiring me, thank you for not giving up on me. Thanks to you, I am finally doing something I love and doing it for me.




  1. “There’s no failure because I’m doing something I love” (paraphrased of course haha). But YESSSS. I needed to hear that today. You have no idea how badly I needed to hear that. Thank you!

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