Family Summer Bucket List and FREE Printable

Summer can be fun since the kids are out of school. But it can also be stressful and full or arguing, whining, complaining, and bad attitudes. Finding things to keep the kids occupied isn’t always easy especially since most kids nowadays just want to be on their electronic devices.

Summer bucket lists are a great way to do new things that you’ve always wanted to do as a family or to do family favorites while keeping the kids happy and busy.


Find somewhere to go as a family. Whether it’s somewhere new or one of your favorite places to visit, just get out and go somewhere.


Let your kids’ creative juices flow by finding something to create. Whether it’s artwork, craft projects, DIY projects for the house, or cooking a new recipe, getting your kids to create will keep their minds working even on summer break.


Take a trip to a new place as a family. It doesn’t have to be far away or expensive. Even a trip to a new park, museum, or city in your state can be a lot of fun.


Experience something new. Trying new foods, watching new movies, going new places, these can all be exciting things to try as a family.


Game nights are always fun as a family. Find a new game to play together or come up with one of your own.


Take a trip to somewhere “exotic” in your own backyard. Try exploring a state park by taking a hike. Take in the wildlife, scenery, and plants while exploring mother nature.


Having a fun family summer doesn’t always mean you have to leave the house, travel far, or spend money. A great adventure can be found within the pages of fabulous books. Find a classic book and as a family read it over the course of the summer.


DVDs, old VHS tapes, drive-in shows, plays, musicals, and even concerts are all great things that you can watch together as a family.


Do something together. Family time is important and there is not better time to take advantage of free time than during the summer break.


As a family make a mess together. Paint something, play in the mud. Just get messy.


Try something new to eat. Whether it’s a different ethnic cuisine or just a restaurant you’ve always wanted to try, experiencing new foods can be exciting.


Spend some no stress, free time together as a family. Just enjoy each other’s company. Make a bonfire, roast hot dogs and marshmallows, make smores, catch lightning bugs, lay out and watch the stars. There are so many things that can be done as a family to just enjoy being together.


Traveling can be entertaining and educational. Travel to places like state historic sites, museums, and other educational areas that also have fun activities to do as a family.

Download and Have FUN!

Download the printable family summer bucket list. Fill in the blank areas and as you complete them this summer with your family mark them off. Make this summer full of fun, entertainment, excitement, education and family time.

Family Summer Bucket List Downloadable Printable

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