Fourth of July Kid’s Crafts, Plus FREEBIES

Fourth of July Kid’s Crafts

Happy Fourth of July!

This post was supposed to be up over a week ago but life (depression and anxiety included) got in the way. Better late than never!

The girls and I have been working really hard on making some fun 4th crafts. These are simple enough even for preschoolers to participate in making but still entertaining enough to keep older kids involved also.

Pin Wheels

These adorable and durable pin wheels were super simple and so much fun to play with!


Card stock or foam sheets (We used foam sheets and they have held up so much better than card stock would, especially with a 4-year-old using it. The foam sheets are much heavier though which does make it a little harder for them to spin.)

Straw/wooden stick or skewer (We used paper straws which worked perfectly.)

2 pony beads

Pipe cleaner


Hole punch


Cut your card stock/foam sheet into a 4″ x 4″ square. You will also need to cut 2 small circles. (We traced the top of a glue stick cap which was the perfect size.)

Fold your card stock/foam diagonally into a triangle both directions so that there is a creased X across the middle when opened. Fold into a triangle and find where the other line intersect, punch a hole which should be the middle of the square. Cut from each corner towards the middle but stop about 3/4-1 inch from the center. Beside every other cut at the end punch a hole, be sure to not be too close to the ends.

One by one fold each outer punched hole towards the middle hole and line up, staple. Repeat for all 4 outer holes. Make a knot in the end of the pipe cleaner. (We did this simply by twisting the end into a sort of knot. This step doesn’t have to be super specific on the knot.) Take the 2 small circles you made from the card stock/foam and punch holes in the center.

Thread one of the circles onto the pipe cleaner and push down to the knot. Now thread your pin wheel onto the pipe cleaner making sure your knot is at the front of the pin wheel. Thread the 2nd circle and then the 2 pony beads onto the pipe cleaner and push all the way to the back of the pin wheel.

Wrap the pipe cleaner around the end of the straw/stick tightly. (Wrapping in an X shape 3 or 4 times was strong enough for ours.)

Now have fun spinning and blowing your pin wheel!

Firecracker Toilet Paper Rolls


Toilet paper roll

Streamers (Red and white, although we only used red because it was what we had on hand.)

Blue paint

White star stickers (Silver or gold would be ok too. Or star stencils and white paint.)

Tape or glue


Paint the toilet paper roll blue and allow to completely dry. (I think quickly sprayed ours with a clear coat to seal the blue. This is optional but worked very well for us, and with our heat here in Missouri they dried almost instantly when I sprayed them outside. And the paint doesn’t soak the rolls like I thought it would.)

Attach the star stickers (or paint stars using a stencil and white paint, then allow to dry) to the outside of the painted toilet paper roll. Use as few or as many as you would like. (We skipped this step because we didn’t have any stencils or stickers on hand, and my freehand painting is not pretty).

Cut streamers to 4-6” lengths, depending how long you want them. (You will need 2 each of red and white if you are using both colors, if not then you need 4 of one color.)

Tape each streamer to the inside of the toilet paper roll. (They will cover the entire radius of the roll.) Then cut each streamer in half leaving about ¼ – ½ “ between the roll and the end of the cuts.

Blow into the end opposite of the streamers.

Straw Rockets




Colors/markers/colored pencils (if you’re going to decorate the paper before making the rocket)




If you’re going to decorate white paper with designs that would be your first step. We chose to not decorate and just used colored paper instead.

Cut the paper into 1 ½ – 2” strips that are approximately 3-3 ½ “ long. (I highly suggest cutting a lot of these. At first I only made 1 “rocket” for each of my girls which turned out to be a bad idea after a few times of them launching. The paper gets moist and eventually makes it hard to put back on to the straw to continue shooting.)

Loosely wrap a strip around the end of the straw with ¾ -1” left longer than the straw, tape into a tube shape. Fold down the remaining paper at the end of the straw and tape.

Blow into the open end of the straw to shoot your rocket, the harder you blow then the farther it will fly.

Stars and Stripes Lantern


Red, white, and blue paper


Tape or glue


The size of the lantern you make it totally up to you. We just used scrap paper so ours turned out to be a little smaller but still very cute.

Cut 2 strips of blue paper about 3’ thick (The length will depend on how big you want your lantern, ours were cut to 8’ lengths.)

Cut 4-8 strips of blue paper 1-1 ½ “ thick (The amount will depend on how many strips you want and how long your blue paper was cut.)

Make stars by cutting them out of white paper. (The amount is up to you depending on how many stars you want on your lantern. These do not have to be perfect. As you can see our stars were far from perfect or beautiful.)

To make a handle cut a 3-4” thick from whatever color you want to use as the handle and 3” longer than the length you cut your blue strips.

Lay one blue strip down and tape the red strips to one side making sure to attempt to space them out evenly. Tape the opposite ends of the red strips to the other blue strip. (The taped side will be the inside of your lantern.)

Curve the ends of the blue strips together and tape. (We taped the inside and outside to make sure they stayed together good. You could also use glue if you didn’t want the tape to show.)

Tape your stars spaced out randomly to the red stripes. Tape both ends of the handle to the inside of the top blue strip.

Hang and enjoy!

R, W, & B Weaving Star


White paper

Red and blue paper



Cut the white paper into a large star shape. Horizontally cut slices into the star making sure to stay at least ½ – ¾ “ away from the edges of the star.

Cut the blue and red paper into strips ¼ – ½ “ thick.

Weave the red and blue paper into the cuts on the star alternating from red to blue.

Extra: Punch holes in 2 of the star points. Attach string or ribbon to the holes to make a hanger.







Cut two 2” thick by 6” long strips of paper. Roll ends together and tape to make 2 circles. Tape each end of the straw to the inside of the rolled paper strips.

Throw and watch it glide!

Try out these simple and fun 4th of July holiday crafts. I hope they prove to be as much as for your little ones as they did for mine.

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