I Am An Idiot

You know the feeling when you’re so tired that it feels like someone threw a bucket of sand at your face while you held your eyes wide open? Well, I had that feeling for about 2 days and then had a brainstorm.

Money Should Grow on Trees

Finances are…insane. Things are beyond tight on one income with 5 kids and changes to my medical insurance. I had decided that I needed to find something I could do at home to bring in a little extra money. Even a couple hundred dollars a month at this point would be a blessing.

Workin’ Hard for the Money

Early last month I had started an online transcription job. I have ears. I can type. Not that difficult right? It wasn’t. But since I had to be a “perfectionist” it took time because I listened to each audio multiple times going over my transcriptions again and again. Of course, the company had standards that each employee had to keep, and I didn’t see that as a problem. The money wasn’t amazing, but I made around $40 in 3 days doing 9 or 10 hours of work. I started off doing okay and by the third day all of my scores had steadily increased in accuracy with each new transcription job. I thought I was doing well.

The third day came and I accepted a slightly harder job, around 13 minutes of audio transcription. The kids were home that day because of cold temps or icy roads, not snow since we didn’t get any this winter. I knew it probably wasn’t a great idea to work with them all awake and going wild, but I did it anyway because I was so close to stepping up to the next level of transcriber. I finished the job and immediately saw that I had stepped up and the jobs were offering more money. Instead of less than $10 per job, now they were $15+ each. Awesome! I could make more money in less time.

Bye Bye Bye

I won’t bash the company because they do state before you start what their expectations are, but in my opinion, I think they hire on whoever and once they get stepped up to the 2nd phase of transcribing and are able to make more money the company lets them go. That’s what happened with me. I stopped for a break after I stepped up and when I came back I could not log in and found that I had been terminated for not keeping up to the company’s standards. Whatever jerks. I moved on.

Back on the Horse

I searched for other online transcription jobs because I actually liked doing it. It was calming somehow. I was in my own world staring at a screen with headphones on and even the kids knew to leave me alone with those headphones on. I’ll be honest, I sat with the headphones on a few times doing absolutely nothing just so the kids would be quiet and leave me alone. HA!

There was no luck finding transcription work, or at least any that I liked. Every company had different ways they wanted things done and too many different styles started to make my head spin. I needed a break. So, I searched for other online job options. Virtual assistants, freelancers. That’s about all I could find. Then I remembered a friend who makes quite good money blogging.


*Smoke pouring out my ears. Fire from the top of my head.*

A brilliant idea hit me, I would start a blog and make money doing it. I researched. I asked questions. It would be hard but if I was dedicated and wanted it bad enough then I could do it. So, that fateful night at 11:30 pm, after 3 hours or less sleep I decided to do it. I took the leap, found my host, and set up my domain. One last click and I would have my own website for my very own blog. I stared for what seemed like forever at the screen. Honestly, I think I spaced out and may have fallen asleep with my eyes open. Donny slammed me back into reality by smacking my leg. I looked at my laptop and clicked the button.

Wow, I had done it! I just created my very own blog. Not one of those free blogs. This was a blog I paid for, it was mine and now I had to create it. I was so exhausted. My eyes hurt and I could barely stay awake. I went to bed and decided to start my work the next day.


*Birds singing*

By the way, I hate those birds. It’s not spring yet. I know Missouri weather is screwed up as hell right now, but it’s still winter. Yes, it was 80 degrees yesterday and will barely reach 50 today, but…IT. IS. WINTER.

Birds don’t understand what you’re saying though, they never listen to me. These are the same birds that are here every year. They like the tree outside my bedroom window and come back every spring and build a nest. I hate these birds with a passion and (sorry, some of you will find this disturbing and just wrong) I wish I could shoot them. They start their singing before the sun even comes up…5:30 am, sometimes even as early as 4. Seriously, if you had to deal with that every day you would want to kill them too.

But I digress…

I Really Am An Idiot

Woke up that morning, not by choice, very early. Oldest kids gone to school and youngest still sleeping. A rare thing. So I took that opportunity to start work on my blog. I opened my link and looked at the site url, www.cultivatingkidsandcaos.com. It didn’t look right. What in the hell was wrong? I couldn’t put my finger on it. I was still tired of course but awake enough to know something was wrong. Cultivating…yep, spelled right. Kids…yep. Caos…hmm, is that right? Normally I can spell anything. The kids ask me to spell something and I can be occupied with anything else and just spit the spelling out like I’m a dictionary, thesaurus, whatever book you look at for spelling. Caos…that is not right. I looked it up and almost screamed but remembered the babies were sleeping.

I could not believe that I spelled chaos as ‘caos’. In my extreme state of exhaustion my brain had failed me. And now I was stuck with it. I couldn’t change it. My url was set, my new email address was set. So many things that I couldn’t change were set. The only thing I could do was to set the name of my blog correctly and then sit here typing this explanation as to why the url and actual name of the blog are spelled differently.

It all boils down to lack of sleep and the fact that I’m an idiot.


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