New Year, New Resolutions

Resolutions. One thing that almost every person in the world thinks about at the end of every year. One that almost every person in the world ends up breaking or quitting by January 2nd.

2018 was not my year. To be completely honest, it sucked. So, here’s to making 2019 great. Or at least maybe I should just focus on making it better and a lot less sucky.



Why is it that as humans we feel like we need a resolution for the beginning of every new year? We think that because we’ve made this promise, this declaration to be different, to do different that just because of that we can and/or will change. Why can’t we just do it, everyday be and make the changes you want and need to?

I, for one, am tired of making resolutions. Especially when I know I’m never going to stick to them.


An estimated 40% of Americans make New Year’s resolutions. Topping the list are usually resolutions for self-improvement. Lose weight. Eat healthier. Spend less money. Spend more time with family/friends. Guess how many actually stick with or achieve their new goals? Around 8%.

So why are we making these insane resolutions if we know (most of the time from past experience) that failure is just around the corner?

Who knows?! But the reason why we fail is simple. Most of our lives are already extremely full of multiple priorities, adding long lists of resolutions just complicates life more which leads to a constant state of failure. If you have too much to do, spreading yourself too thin will cause one of two things to happen. One, everything won’t be done to your best ability. Two, you will fail.

If you want to keep those new resolutions, the best thing to do is to keep it simple.

KISS…Keep It Simple Stupid

Instead of saying “This year I’m going to lose weight”, break it down into smaller, more simple goals that are easier attained. Make a goal of cutting out X, Y, and Z for X amount of weeks. Achieve that goal? Then extend it longer or add something else that you’re going to cut out.

“This year I’m going to exercise more”. Ok, great. But what does “more” mean? Set a goal. Exercise 5 times a week for 1 hour each time instead of just saying you’ll exercise every week. If you set a number of times and length of time then you’re more likely to stick with it than trying to abide by something so vague.

“I will stop spending so much money”. That’s a good one, we all want that. But for some it’s not so easy and just saying you’ll spend less doesn’t really give you any small goals to strive for. Set goals like no more buying those expensive specialty coffees from the coffee-house. Instead invest in a decent coffee maker, your favorite coffee, and a few things to make homemade coffee better like flavored creamers or syrups. Making your own coffee doesn’t take any longer than a barista but it sure does save a ton.

What are your resolutions for this year?

Resolution Failure

For me resolutions never work, ever. I can last a month, maybe a little longer, and then I’m done with even trying to keep promises to myself that I knew I could never possibly do in the first place.

This year I’m trying something different. No resolutions. I’m not going to fool myself thinking that I can or will do anything because my life is way too busy and complicated to add anything extra to it.

Instead this year I’m going to try to do things, this way if it doesn’t happen I won’t get discouraged that I failed because that just makes all the rest of my resolutions fail too.

Let’s “Try” Some Resolutions

I’m going to try to eat healthier by eating out less, drinking less soda, and eating less processed foods. This in turn will help me to lose weight which is always a goal for me.

I’m going to try to continue overcoming my OCD little by little. This means continuing to cook with real, raw meats instead of just pre-cooked, processed things. I’m also going to attempt to begin inviting people over to my house for visits, which would be an amazingly huge thing for me.

I’m going to try to spend a lot less money. First step is to delete all pre-saved payment methods on websites that I frequently shop on. This will help cut my spending because I’m often too lazy to go find card numbers to input. I’m also going to always make shopping lists and attempt to stick to buying only what is on them plus around $20ish extra dollars. I’m also going to cut back on how often I get sodas at the gas station.

These are just a few of my big, main goals for this year. They’re things that I always strive to do but generally start failing within a month of the new year.


What Are Yours?

What are your resolutions? Goals? Break those big thoughts down into smaller, more attainable goals so that it will be easier to stick with and try to avoid failure this year.


MIA…Returning Better than Ever SOON


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