School Drop-off Lines, Let’s Talk About It

Can we talk about morning drop-off lines? Yep, going to be THAT MOM.

So I just need to rant here for a minute.



The primary school (K-2) has a whole line of people letting their kids out of cars at once. Parkside (3-4) has at least 3 to 4 at a time letting their kids out.


Then you get to the middle school (7-8). One by one cars let their kids out at the crosswalk ONLY as a line of 10 cars sits waiting in both directions. If our 4, 5, 6, 9, 10 year olds can manage to get out and make it into the building in larger numbers, then why are we babying our 7th and 8th graders and ONLY dropping them off at the crosswalk?

They are big kids now and I’m pretty sure they can check both directions and cross a street without a crosswalk.

Yes, I get it safety and all, but if you’re on the same side of the street that the child is exiting your car and the same side of the street as the building they are walking into, then why do we feel the need to ONLY let them out AT the damn crosswalk?! Can’t they get out maybe 2 or 3 cars behind the crosswalk? Can we please do that parents?

If our young kids can get out multiples at a time to make the process quicker then can we please start having our older children do this too?!

Yes I am that mom.

At 7:30 when I am going to drop my 4th grader off I have to drive through the mess at the middle school. And by that time I’ve already dealt with a crying baby, someone’s breakfast that wasn’t perfect, lost gloves, socks that “tickle”, and a 10 minute meltdown because those pants are stupid.

I’m that mom that…

has already been up way too long when I’m only driving 5 minutes away and I’m that mom that needs an entire pot of coffee already.

didn’t get to brush her teeth, not to mention her hair, and I didn’t even get dressed.

hasn’t even gotten to put a sip of water into her body yet and food, well that won’t happen until lunchtime.

is way past exhausted, the mom that is stressed and frazzled.

And I am now the mom that is pissed because of stupid drop-off lines. I’m also the mom behind you in that drop-off line cussing and flailing her arms trying to get you to move your damn car.

So if we could just speed the drop-off line up a little bit that would be amazing. I love my kids as much as any mom does if not more, but when it’s time to get out of the car for school…then GTFO.



Oh and P.S.

I have to drive through that mess at the middle school TWICE in the morning.


Just thoughts from an overworked, underpaid, stressed beyond belief mom who is losing her shit a little more every day.



I totally get babying your kids, I mean my 4-year-old should just be sewn to my body. Some days she needs a few extra minutes before she gets out at school. She needs to hold her Catboy stuffed animal. Her socks are bothering her AGAIN. The sun is too bright so we have to go through all the sunglasses in the van until we find the right ones. She’s melting down for whatever reason and needs me to talk her down or just hold her. On those days I park so I’m not in the way holding up the line though. Maybe “baby” your kids in a parking spot THEN go to the drop-off line.


P.S.S.S. ( I feel like this should be P.S³..)

It was kind of a rough morning and everyone and everything was pissing me off. Is today over yet?


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