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Welcome to my blog, Cultivating Kids and Chaos! I’m Alex, a 34-year-old, stay at home mother of 5 kids. I am a wife of 3 months, although we have been together 11 years. I live in a small rural town in Southeast Missouri. We are in the same area where my husband and I were both born and raised. My husband works a hard job as a welder and pipefitter for a contracting company. Our 3 oldest kids; 15, 13, and 9; go to a local school. And I get to stay home taking care of the house and 2 youngest kids; 3 and 9 months.

I attended a local community college right after graduating high school at the same time I held down 2 full-time jobs. I planned on becoming an early childhood teacher, but life had different plans. Off and on I attended college until 2013, just shy 2 credits from my degree I had to stop. Life became too demanding and complicated and raising my kids and taking care of my family were too important for me. I will be returning this summer and hopefully can complete my degree in less than a year.

Meeting my husband was the best thing that ever happened to me. He came into the relationship with a daughter and I had a son, so we started our lives together with 2 kids. Within 2 years we added another daughter, 5 years later a second daughter, and 3 years later a son. We’re done having kids now. Our hearts, and home, are overflowing.

I am very passionate about anything to do with my kids and that will take up a lot of my writing. I also love cooking and creating new recipes, organizing/scheduling, menu planning, couponing, and making crafts. As a family we love movies, reading, drawing, playing games, and outdoor things when we can like going to the park, visiting zoos, and going on hikes together.

All of this is what will make up my blog plus tons more. I don’t like to get into politics or current events too much but with everything that has been going on lately I have my own opinions and I’m sure that at some point I will be voicing those.

Since a teen I have dealt with many health issues, a lot of which compromise a huge part of my life. I have numerous auto-immune diseases as well as other issues that have arisen from them or from side effects of medication. I take a lot of medicines every day to try to make my health as good as possible. Recently I started a new weekly injection which so far has shown some improvements in my health.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you follow, like, subscribe, and come back soon! There’s always going to be something new going on, especially with this wild family.


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